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| United States | Backed by Biden, a federal court defends Trump's police assault on peaceful protesters in Square Lafayette.

 United States: Backed by Biden, a federal court defends Trump's police assault on peaceful protesters in Square Lafayette.

On Monday, a federal judge dismissed complaints alleging that former President Donald Trump ordered police to violate the constitutional rights of peaceful protesters who, along with members of the media, were violently attacked in Lafayette Square on June 1, 2020.

Complaints filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Black Lives Matter movement, and others argued that Trump, former Attorney General William Barr, and other police and federal agency officials violated Premier's rights. amendment [of the Constitution] of the demonstrators. They accused the Trump administration of conspiring to use violence to dislodge protesters from Lafayette Square in Washington DC before the 7 p.m. curfew, so Trump could appear for a photoshoot in front of the Holy Episcopal Church. John.

President Donald Trump at St. John's Church in Lafayette Square, Washington DC on June 1, 2020 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

The Biden administration has sided with former Trump officials, arguing that the case should be dismissed.

In her 51-page decision, District of Columbia Federal Court Judge Dabney Friedrich wrote that in the absence of actual records or written statements that unequivocally demonstrate that a conspiracy was planned and implemented by the defendants, it was "just too speculative" for the court to decide whether the police state-type assault on peaceful protesters was justified. Friedrich also ruled that federal officials like Barr and Trump were immune from civil prosecution.

In ruling on the “speculative” nature of the plaintiffs' claims, Friedrich wrote: “At this preliminary stage, without a factual record, the court's decisions are based solely on the allegations contained in the complaints. Before either party has had the opportunity to conduct examinations for discovery, it would be premature for the Court to draw any conclusions as to why Square Lafayette was cleared on June 1 or if the actions of the police were justified ”.

Friedrich claimed there were "other obvious explanations" for why police evacuated Lafayette Square, including possible violence from protesters. Therefore, she decided that the prosecution could not proceed.

Responding to the decision, Scott Michelman, chief legal officer for the District of Columbia ACLU, said, “Today's decision essentially gives the federal government the green light to use violence. This includes lethal force against protesters, as long as federal officials claim to protect national security ”.

Friedrich is not a neutral arbiter. She served for three years as associate counsel for the government of George W. Bush, during which time she advanced the position that the government had a "clear" right to detain American citizens as enemy combatants. She also described the conditions of detention of prisoners in the "war on terror" as "among the best ever offered by a country to individuals who have taken up arms against it". She was appointed to the Sentencing Commission by Obama and then appointed to a DC District Court position by Trump in 2017.

The veracity of the “allegations” put forward by the complainants was clear to anyone who saw the video of the event. No one can dispute that unprovoked riot police and federal agents violently assaulted peaceful protesters. Images of protesters fleeing and suffocating as police clubbed and gassed them were circulated around the world.

The clean-up of Lafayette Square took place as Trump gave a speech at the Rose Garden, announcing that he was mobilizing troops in Washington DC. Calling himself "President of Law and Order," Trump threatened to invoke the Insurgency Act to deploy the military to cities across the United States. He called the mass protests against police violence that followed the murder of George Floyd as "domestic terrorism".

That is, not only did Trump administration officials conspire to violate the democratic rights of protesters in Square Lafayette, they also conspired to overthrow the constitution, establish a presidential dictatorship, and abolish the democratic rights of all Americans.

On the morning of the action in Lafayette Square, Trump held a conference call with governors where he warned that the protests against police violence were "a movement, and if you don't crack down on it, it's going to get worse and worse. . You have to dominate it ”. Barr had joined Trump during the call and told governors, "we need to control the street," which required "a strong presence."

The brutal action in Washington DC, broadcast a few hours later live on national television, was to serve as a demonstration of what the administration was planning to do across the country.

It was later revealed that the only reason Trump had not invoked the insurgency law at that time was the reluctance of a section of the military staff. The latter feared that such an open abrogation of democratic rights was premature and risked triggering a social explosion.

The Biden government's position is as important as Judge Friedrich's decision. Prior to the judgment, Joe Biden's Justice Department argued on behalf of the defendants, that is, Trump, to have the plaintiffs' case dismissed. The government argued that since Trump was no longer in office, the trial was moot. Government lawyers also argued that the cleaning of the square was justified for reasons of presidential security. They basically asserted that nonexistent threats to the president's security outweighed the constitutional rights of everyone else.

As for the media, they largely ignored the judge's decision. The New York Times ran a shallow nine paragraph article that said nothing about the political background to Trump's action, the Rose Garden speech and the threat to invoke the insurgency law. The Washington Post published a more detailed analysis, which also made no reference to the Rose Garden speech. As for the television news channels, they did not even report the decision.

The role of Democrats, throughout and after the Trump administration, has been to cover up the massive assault on democratic rights. This includes the fascist plot to kidnap the Democratic governors of Michigan and Virginia, encouraged by Trump's calls to "Free Michigan!" and other states to take any action against the spread of the pandemic.

The undemocratic conspiracy culminated in the fascist coup attempt on January 6, aimed at blocking the certification of the 2020 election result and preventing the transfer of power. Democrats and media are suppressing ongoing revelations of military and police complicity in the coup attempt, while Biden's line was to say "move on" to the government. name of "unity" and "bipartisanship" with Trump's Republican accomplices in the conspiracy.

The intervention of the Biden government in the Lafayette Square case is further confirmation that there is no part of the ruling class that will stand up for democratic rights, with the two reactionary factions of the ruling class arguing in court for the right to use state violence against domestic political opposition.

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