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Super rich rake in trillions as pandemic kills millions

 Super rich rake in trillions as pandemic kills millions

The pandemic has officially claimed more than three million lives, the hardest hit on the working class forced to return to dangerous workplaces and who often fall into poverty to satisfy governments' collective immunity policies. On the other hand, the super-rich in the world have seen their total wealth increase from $ 5,000 billion to $ 13 trillion in 12 months, the most dramatic increase ever recorded by Forbes magazine.

Super rich rake in trillions as pandemic kills millions

The enrichment of the financial aristocracy refutes the government's arguments that the state does not have enough money to finance social spending and stop the wave of layoffs planned by the employers. The accumulation of such fortunes is due to the policy of successive governments since the Stalinist dissolution of the USSR in 1991 and the crash of 2008. They carry out a policy of austerity to destroy the social gains obtained by the workers at the Liberation of the Nazi Occupation for the benefit of the ultra-rich.

Over the past two decades, as the world's billionaire population has more than quintupled and the world's greatest fortunes have surpassed $ 100 billion. The pandemic has reinforced this trend. As the virus spread, central banks injected $ 9 trillion into economies around the world, in an effort to keep the global economy afloat.

The easy agent given to central banks for the financial markets and government stimulus packages of several trillions of dollars of public money have boosted the financial markets, and from there into the net worth of the ultra-rich leading to speculative fever. and rising stock values ​​as the real economy slows down.

According to the Forbes 2021 list which runs until April 6, the number of billionaires exploded last year to reach 2,700, or nearly 700 more. The largest increase came in China, which added 238 billionaires - one every 36 hours - for a total of 626. Next is the United States, which added 110 for a total of 724. Tesla founder, Elon Musk has seen his fortune grow from $ 25 billion to over $ 150 billion in one year.

On May 24 and for a few hours, Bernard Arnaud, boss of the luxury brand LVMH, became the richest man in the world with a net fortune estimated at 186.3 billion dollars, or 5 percent of his country's GDP. origin when at the start of the pandemic in March 2020 it was 76 billion. The fortune of his rival, François Pinault, who owns the Kéring group, rose from 27 to 55.1 billion dollars. The wealth of billionaires in France rose from 11 percent to 17 percent of French GDP during the pandemic.

We find the same phenomenon in Europe and around the world. The wealth of American billionaires exploded in the space of a year to reach almost 20 percent of GDP and in Sweden, a country touted as a social model, the wealth of Swedish billionaires has jumped as a percentage of GDP from 20 to nearly 30 percent.

Likewise, China has seen a billionaire population explosion eclipsing all others in 2020. Together, they added nearly $ 1,000 billion to their collective fortune, which nearly doubled in share of GDP to 15 percent.

Having officially killed 3.69 million in just over a year, the pandemic continues to claim tens of thousands of deaths every day. In a report, the WHO pointed out that many deaths from Covid-19 could have been prevented. This is the confession of the criminality of the policy of collective immunity of the ruling classes which imposed the resumption of work and the reopening of schools to the workers so that the profits could be realized.

As Amazon workers were exposed to the deadly danger of this virus, their boss, the world's richest man with nearly $ 200 billion Jeff Bezos bought himself a super yacht worth $ 500. million euros, a drop of water after earning $ 75 billion from the pandemic.

Bezos has also placed an order for a "annex yacht" (not included in the price), intended to accommodate all of the customers' toys, namely a helipad, luxury cars, small planes, submarines and even more. 'other small yachts. Like the Bloomberg report: “Bezos is not the only one who wants to make circles in the water. Obviously, confinement has given our billionaire friends desires to escape, and shipyards are now crumbling under orders. "

“The market is booming,” confirms Sam Tucker of the consulting firm VesselsValues. “The demand for very high-end yachts has exceeded supply so much that today it is impossible to secure any niche in a construction site. Whereas before the super rich rented a villa for their dozen of friends and family members, they now welcome them on their boat ”.

This only underlines the totally parasitic character of their wealth and the bankruptcy of the existing social order. As Engels wrote to describe the "political and social power wielded by the ruling elite over the working classes in 19th century England," "the conditions created by the privileged classes inevitably led to untimely and 'unnatural death'. ”Of the poorest classes”.

While the super-rich are in their super-yachts more convenient to avoid being contaminated, several sociological and epidemiological clues point in the direction of a disease of the poor. 20 Minutes report that “This is the subject of study of social epidemiology. Working-class neighborhoods, populations at the bottom of the social scale would pay a heavier price than the upper classes. We also speak of the epidemic as a biosocial process. ”

In addition to the millions of deaths in the ranks of the working class organized by the financial aristocracy, the ILO report of January 2021 estimated that the health crisis resulted in the loss of the equivalent of 255 million. full-time jobs, four times more than during the 2008 financial crisis.

As Nick Beams said at the May Day Gathering, “Rising stocks and other financial assets do not represent expansion in value. These assets are what Karl Marx calls fictitious capital. They constitute a claim on the future value which will be extracted from the exploitation of the working class. ”

Thus the ruling classes in all countries refuse effective measures such as confinements with compensation for those affected because they would have an impact on the flow of value necessary to support fictitious capital and impose endless austerity on the workers.

The bankruptcy of the social order underlines that the fight against social inequalities requires a political struggle of the working class for the expropriation of the financial aristocracy and the seizure of power and the construction of socialism.

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