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Macron slapped by a young monarchist linked to Action Française

 Macron slapped by a young monarchist linked to Action Française

Yesterday, the criminal court of Valence sentenced Damien Tarel to 18 months in prison, including 14 suspended, for having slapped Emmanuel Macron in Tain-l'Hermitage on Tuesday, June 8.

Macron was starting a “tour de France” aimed at meeting French people and mayors, elected officials whom he said were “within range of slaps”. At around 1:30 p.m., he was visiting a hotel school, to celebrate the reopening of restaurants and more generally the end of scientific measures aimed at stemming the spread of the virus. It was there, as Macron approached a group of passers-by who had come to listen to him, that Tarel slapped him , exclaiming: "Montjoie Saint-Denis!" Down with macronie! ”

Macron slapped by a young monarchist linked to Action Française

The cry of arms "Monjoie Saint-Denis", used by the royal Capetian armies in France from the 13th century, is a slogan of the extreme right-wing royalist and in particular of the French Action.

Shortly before Macron's arrival, a journalist from TMC had interviewed Tarel as well as two other people who accompanied him and who said they wanted to meet and discuss with Macron. The gendarmes arrested one of them, Arthur C., with Tarel when the latter slapped Macron. The third, named Loïc according to Agence France-Presse, would have declared that Tarel is not interested in politics and "does not have these ideas". This statement was obviously false.

Police searched the home of Tarel and Arthur C., both aged 28, and investigated their internet activity. They discovered medieval weapons and, at Arthur C.'s, copies of the Nazi tract Mein Kampf written by Adolphe Hitler as well as firearms. Tarel, unemployed and suffering from dyslexia, followed on Facebook the local Lyon section of the far-right royalist party Action Française and on YouTube the videographer Papacito who threatened the voters of Mélenchon with death.

During his trial, Tarel claimed to be on the nationalist right and said he was carried away by his anger at Macron, because "At the level of chivalry we do not like lies". He declared that "Macron represents very well the downfall of our country", before explaining his use of the monarchist cry of arms: "It refers to the rallying cry of the knights, it is a patriotic slogan. (…) Chivalry is a voice. I doubt that if I had summoned Emmanuel Macron to a sword duel at sunrise, he would have responded ”.

Tarel downplayed his fascist sympathies by stating that a photo of him wearing a mustache like Hitler was "just funny" and downplaying Mein Kampf's discovery at Arthur C.: "It was I who gave Mein Kampf to my friend , he is passionate about World War II ”.

Tarel also said he was "invested by the" yellow vests "whose voice is no longer heard" and driven by anger against politics and against Macron. "When I saw his sympathetic and lying gaze," he said, "I understood that he] wanted to make me a potential voter."

In fact, if the movement of "yellow vests" was spontaneous and politically very heterogeneous, the royalist gesture of Tarel has nothing to do with the aspirations for social equality and the improvement of the condition of workers which motivated the majority of "yellow vests". We see it in particular in the extraordinary reaction of the ruling class to a blow to the head of state.

The French political establishment, which went on a rampage to denounce the "yellow vests", united on a line aimed at minimizing the royalist sympathies of the individuals who had attacked the head of state and at hiding their links with the head of state. 'far right.

As early as Tuesday, Macron insisted that Tarel's gesture targeting him was only “isolated facts” committed by “ultraviolent individuals”.

Thursday, he even declared that "it does not matter to receive a slap when you go towards a crowd" to add that this violence is common to the whole of society: "We must not make this act say something other than an isolated act and that there are people today in society who can be violent at one time or another ”.

Making an appeal to the right-wing feminist movement #MeToo, Macron said that "real violence is not that", but rather the violence suffered by "women who die under the blows of their companion and their husband ”.

This allowed Marine Le Pen, leader and presidential candidate of the neo-fascist National Rally, to escape any political criticism linked to this extraordinary incident.

Le Pen felt obliged just after the slap against Macron to declare to BFM-TV and on Twitter: “It is inadmissible to physically attack the President of the Republic. I am the first opponent of Emmanuel Macron, but he is the president: we can fight him politically, but we cannot afford the slightest violence towards him. I consider this gesture to be unacceptable and deeply reprehensible in a democracy ”.

On Thursday, however, Le Pen was able to insist that she “agreed” with Macron that the slap was an “isolated act” which only reflected an “ideological mush.” In fact, it is a political act motivated by the fascist or far-right traditions from which his party originated.

On CNews, the Pétainist polemicist Eric Zemmour was able to afford the luxury of declaring that Macron had received "only what he deserves" by being slapped. Zemmour added: "He himself desecrated the function (...) in the French conception of institutions, he is the king, he does not have to engage in a dialogue with a quidam".

For rebellious France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon posted a Tweet expressing the hope that this experience would push Macron to take a harsher line against the threats of neofascist violence: “This time you are starting to understand that the violent are falling apart. act? I stand in solidarity with the President ”.

In fact, while rejecting the monarchist far-right violence targeting Macron, there is no reason to be in solidarity with the French president. It is illusory to expect Macron to fight the rise in far-right violence, as Macron himself has acted throughout his tenure to cultivate far-right alliances and use them against workers and social events.

The “Republican salute” he addressed to Marine Le Pen and his supporters and voters on the evening of his election in 2017 announced the color of his entire mandate. Forces within his Ministry of Culture attempted to publish the works of Charles Maurras, the 20th century anti-Semitic leader of Action Française, pillar of the collaborationist Vichy regime and traitor condemned to the Liberation. In 2018, while he launched the police against the “yellow vests”, he greeted the collaborationist dictator Philippe Pétain as a “great soldier”.

Now he has appointed a former supporter of Action Française, Gérald Darmanin, to the Ministry of the Interior. Darmanin is piloting the passage in parliament of the freedom-killing laws on “global security” and against Islamic “separatism”, which he announced while declaring himself outraged each time he sees a section with halal or kosher food in a French grocery store.

If Macron declares that it is "not serious" for him to be slapped by monarchists, it is because his government, and behind it the financial aristocracy, intends to mobilize these far-right forces to defend their rights. obscene fortunes and their class privileges against the workers.

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