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Canadian workers defend British bus driver David O'Sullivan

 Canadian workers defend British bus driver David O'Sullivan, victim of retaliation

At a meeting at the end of May, the Pan-Canadian Base School Staff Safety Committee (CSPPB) passed a resolution of solidarity with British bus driver David O'Sullivan, who was fired because of 'he was fighting for measures to protect workers from COVID-19. In recent weeks, CSPPB members and supporters have reached out to educators and other workers across Canada to inform them of the arbitrary dismissal of David O'Sullivan and to build solidarity in the campaign to secure his reinstatement. and to uphold the fundamental right of workers to work in a safe environment.

O'Sullivan has not only been targeted by his employer, Metroline, but also by the Unite union. Outrageously, Britain's largest union provided evidence against him in a company disciplinary hearing that upheld his dismissal.

Canadian workers defend British bus driver David O'Sullivan, victim of retaliation
David O'Sullivan talks to bus drivers at Victoria Coach Station. [Photo: WSWS media]

The CSPPB resolution, published by the World Socialist Web SiteMay 27, explains that the attack on O'Sullivan is an attack on all workers: “The CSPPB unequivocally affirms that O'Sullivan's fight is the same as ours. Throughout the pandemic, we teachers, education support staff and child care educators have been forced to work in unsafe conditions because the political establishment wants "open schools" serve as childcare services so that parents are forced to go to work in unsafe conditions to generate profits for big business. Like O'Sullivan and his fellow bus drivers, we face gangsterism from our employers in the form of right-wing provincial governments with unions.

Terry, janitor at an Ontario school, commented, “Metroline has sent a clear message to its workers by firing Mr. O'Sullivan and it's shut up. They are using David as a scapegoat to prevent bus drivers from speaking out for themselves to demand a healthy and safe workplace. Workers must continue to fight and speak out to defend their own interests.

Ken, a teacher from Peel Region in Ontario who has been affected by the pandemic, said: “To those looking the other way now because you are not a bus driver, wake up! There will be no one to fight for you when the money managers, the sold unions and the political lackeys come looking for you. Workers united! Will never be defeated! Reinstate David O'Sullivan now!

Gareth from British Columbia wrote to us: “As an organic farmer on the west coast of Canada who has witnessed the profit destructive and dangerous practices of industrial agricultural companies that place above the health of their own. workers and soil health, I fully support London bus driver David O'Sullivan. He was unfairly fired for courageously defending the safety of his co-workers and family, especially his daughter born with a heart defect, by trying to publicize the number of drivers who had been infected with COVID-19 in the garage where he worked. His fears are clearly well founded as more than 60 London bus drivers have died from the virus in the past year. "

Singapore-based transport giant Comfort Del Gro and its subsidiary Metroline should be charged with wrongful dismissal and David O'Sullivan should be compensated and reinstated because he simply did what any health-conscious father would do. and his colleagues would have done. "

A teacher from Montreal who wished to remain anonymous commented: “Mr. O'Sullivan has the right to work in a safe place. Respect his rights and stop pretending he is wrong. This virus is still spreading around the world, you can't pretend it's not dangerous for a worker who has dedicated their entire life to your business. Give him the right to work in safe conditions!

Ava, from Ontario, said: “As a college student, one thing I don't envision in the future is long hours, low wages and capitalist exploitation. Therefore, I fully support David O'Sullivan in his work to support workers throughout this pandemic and into the future.

Greg, an oil and gas industry worker in Alberta, added, “David O'Sullivan has taken a stand not only for himself and his family, but also for his colleagues and the working class as a whole. Such courage is remarkable. Don't let him take a stand alone.

Daniel, a Hamilton postal worker, noted: “Any worker who asserts their right to a safe workplace must be protected from reprisal. It is a fundamental right! I stand in solidarity with David O'Sullivan, as should all workers. A wound inflicted on one is a wound inflicted on all! "

Samantha, a housekeeper from Surrey, BC, said: “I think what happened to Mr. O'Sullivan is terrible, but sadly it's the sort of thing that a lot of us do. face when we report unsafe conditions in our jobs. My husband was working as a taxi driver when the pandemic started and I was terrified that he would fall ill from one of his clients and pass the virus on to our two children. Bus drivers come into contact with so many more people in a day! It must have been so horrible for Mr. O'Sullivan and his colleagues to see so many people in their bus garage getting sick like this. He was right to speak out and I am disgusted by the way he was treated by his employers and his union.

Peyton, a student from Victoria, BC, added: “I support David O'Sullivan! He has the right to a safe workplace, like everyone else. No one should ever be fired for standing up for their rights and safety and those of their colleagues. Management cares more about its bottom line than it does about its people. It always has been, but it's even worse since the pandemic. They don't mind if we die. Workers like David are the people who make the world go round. I stand in solidarity with you, David!

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