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Brush fire burns over 100 acres in Pacific Palisades

 Brush fire burns over 100 acres in Pacific Palisades

Brush fire burns over 100 acres in Pacific Palisades

Brushwood burned more than 100 acres in the Pacific Palisades area near Topanga State Park on Saturday after igniting Friday night, fire officials said.
While residents said they saw large plumes of smoke, no evacuation was ordered by authorities, the Los Angeles Fire Department said in a statement.

Even so, as the fire continued to burn toward Topanga, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department asked residents living along Cheney Ranch and Entrada roads to prepare for a possible evacuation, Lt. Gregory said. Evans of the Malibu / Lost Hills Sheriff's Station.
The fire was first reported on Friday night around 10 p.m. near 1807 North Michael Lane. As the weather conditions were favorable - high amounts of humidity in the air and light winds - the fire crept through the night, charring 15 acres, authorities said.

However, the blaze burned down very steep slopes and in an area with no clear fire roads, making access for fire crews difficult and dangerous, the department said. Authorities relied heavily on gunshot helicopters and tankers to prevent the flames from spreading.
“We can't bypass our lines like most bushfires,” said Margaret Stewart, the city's fire spokeswoman.
The blaze exploded at 100 acres late Saturday afternoon in the midst of an outbreak, Stewart said.

Despite the high humidity, gusts of wind blowing at 15-25 mph continued to propel the fire through dry brush, National Weather Service officials said.
No structure was threatened and no evacuation order was put in place on Saturday. The flames continued to burn northeast toward state-controlled lands, drawing resources from Cal Fire and the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Although earlier on Saturday afternoon, Los Angeles city firefighters saw someone they believed to be a potential arson suspect and called law enforcement, Stewart said.

A county sheriff's helicopter unit continued to search for the potential suspect until Saturday evening, Deputy Sheriff Miguel Meza said.

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