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First shipment of British medical aid arrives in India

 The Indian Foreign Ministry said the first shipments of British medical aid, including 100 respirators and 95 oxygen concentrators, arrived in India on Tuesday morning.

 Ministry spokesman Arendam Bajshi tweeted pictures of the materials that are unloaded from the Lufthansa flight in Delhi, praising the example of "international cooperation".

Britain, one of many countries to declare aid as India's healthcare system is overwhelmed by the outbreak of Covid-19 cases, is deploying more than 600 units of vital medical equipment.

 A 'total of nine air containers loaded with supplies, including 495 oxygen concentrators', 120 non-invasive respirators and 20 manual respirators, 'will be dispatched this week, according to the British High Commission in New Delhi.'

 For its part, France clarified the nature of the "solidarity process" that is scheduled to arrive in India by the end of the week.

 It will consist of eight units for the production of medical oxygen for each generator, and containers for liquefied oxygen, 5 of which will be initially transported, allowing the provision of medical oxygen to up to 10,000 patients throughout the day, in addition to specialized medical equipment including 28 respirators, the French embassy said in  Statement to AFP.

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