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UK authorizes it: when will Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine be available in France?

 pfizer biontech covid 19 vaccine:when will Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine be available in France?

Wednesday, the UK became the first country to approve the use of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. When will it be in France?

More than ever, the Covid-19 vaccine is on track. On Wednesday, the United Kingdom authorized the massive use of the vaccine developed by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and that of German biotechnology BioNTech. The UK government has announced that it has accepted "the recommendation of the Independent Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency to approve the use" of this vaccine. A "historic moment" , responded the boss of Pfizer, while the first doses should be injected next week across the Channel. When will France be able to do the same?

At a press conference held on Tuesday from the Elysee Palace, Emmanuel Macron confirmed the deadline of "end of December, beginning of January" for the arrival of the first vaccinations on our soil. Almost a month after the UK, then. But for France, the validation process is not yet complete. "There are two important opinions: that of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and that of the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM)" , explains to LCI Alain Fischer, immunologist attached to the Imagine Institute of the 'Inserm and the University of Paris.

This provides for a response from the two establishments "in December" , the EMA having already indicated that it would deliver its verdict on the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine "at the latest" on December 29. The ANSM, which "works in parallel" , will then speak out. The United Kingdom, for its part, did not need to wait for the approval of the European Medicines Agency to start its vaccination campaign. But this is not necessarily an advantage, continues the immunologist. "We are not within 15 days, it is not a 100 meters during which you have to gain a tenth of a second against the opponent" , claims the specialist.

"What is important is respect for procedures"

The vaccines administered to the French will therefore benefit from "two different views" . "What is important is respect for procedures," continues Alain Fischer. 'People need to be able to have confidence in these vaccines', 'that they have been properly evaluated'. It does not matter the exact date, since it will come gradually in the weeks and months to come.

Once the European Agency and the ANSM have validated this vaccine, if they evaluate it positively, then "the vaccination campaign can begin according to the recommendations put in place" , continues the immunologist. "At first, it will be in nursing homes, both for the elderly" and the nursing staff of these establishments, he recalls, even if the government has yet to detail the national vaccination strategy. But the President of the Republic has already confirmed on Tuesday that the first doses would be reserved "for the most sensitive audiences" .

In practice, "count January rather" before seeing them arrive, tempers Alain Fischer. "The vaccination campaigns will begin, will be progressive. During the year, there will be developments because there will be new information, new vaccines. It will be eminently evolving, and that's fine."

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