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Covid-19: no consensus found regarding the forced isolation of patients

 Covid-19: no consensus found regarding the forced isolation of patients

As can be done in some countries, the government announced a few weeks ago its wish to force people positive for Covid-19 into isolation. This Thursday, Olivier Véran announced that no political agreement had been found on this subject.

Should we force patients to isolate themselves? The debate has now raged for several weeks. Wishing to move up a gear, Emmanuel Macron called, during his speech on November 24, the government and Parliament to "ensure the isolation of infected people, including in a more restrictive way" as can be done abroad. In England and Spain, for example, the police are responsible for ensuring that isolation is respected. This declaration had provoked strong reactions, both on the side of doctors and in the majority in the government. During a government situation update on Thursday, it appeared that a consensus on this subject had still not been found.

"We wanted to discuss with the political forces and the parliamentary groups the question of a legal evolution which would lead us, like other countries around us, to make this isolation compulsory and by providing for a system of sanctions in the event of non-compliance. (...) The discussions I had on this subject with political and parliamentary representatives led me to the conclusion that such an evolution, which would require a new law, does not achieve consensus. We must therefore guide our avenues for improvement towards enhanced support for sick people , " said Olivier Véran.

Towards individualized support

Despite this forced isolation, the government wishes to move towards "human support" , with, in particular, the visit of a multidisciplinary team "including a caregiver, a nurse or a nurse" for each person diagnosed positive. During this, the caregivers will be able to carry out antigenic tests with the relatives who share the same household as the sick person.

Advice on isolation conditions, as well as support if, for example, the person cannot go shopping, will also be provided to the sick. For positive cases or contact, the Minister of Health informs that the government is working "on a sort of charter which will be given to the patient as soon as the test is carried out, which will contain advice and which will allow the person to commit to respect the shelter if the test should be positive " .

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