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Very offensive on the management of the Covid, Arnaud Montebourg in the orbit of the presidential election?

Very offensive on the management of the Covid, Arnaud Montebourg in the orbit of the presidential election?

Arnaud montebourg

Arnaud Montebourg in October 2017. - JEFF PACHOUD / AFP

Officially withdrawn from politics since 2017, Arnaud Montebourg has never really disappeared from the screens. The former left-wing primary candidate, now ubiquitous, shoots red balls on the executive. He also speaks of a "commitment" to come, through the publication of an eponymous book.

He was the "third man" of the left primaries in 2011 and 2017, and the emblematic "Minister of Productive Recovery" of the five-year term François Hollande, whose record he has repeatedly criticized. At 58, does Arnaud Montebourg again imagine a presidential destiny?

Officially withdrawn from political life for three years, reconverted in the private sector, first within the Habitat group then in the production of its brand of honey "Bleu Blanc Ruche", the supporter of a Sixth Republic and of economic sovereignty. 'had never really left the public sphere. But for several weeks, he has been omnipresent in the media and particularly offensive towards a government whose management of the Covid-19 crisis he denounces. 

A book,and a "commitment" to come

While he has just published The Engagement (Grasset), indictment book against the five-year term of François Hollande, the former head of the PS, who still assured in early 2020 not to have "a political agenda" , does indeed seem come back into the arena. At the JDD , he said on November 1 "to think about a new commitment" . "It can only take place on a more ambitious political and more intellectually demanding basis , " he formalized. "The ideas that I have championed for a long time have become central and majority in our country. They will have to be put in power."

"I do not have the soul of a stowaway", also assured the former minister in this interview, a way of making it known that he would be present, in one way or another, in the debate audience for months to come.

On the offensiveagainst the government

Since the start of the school year, Arnaud Montebourg has multiplied the opportunities to castigate a priority target: the President and his government. Describing macronism to the JDD as "a political swindle" and "the reign of emptiness" , he was particularly offensive on the management of the health, economic and social crisis. On October 8, in the Perri Scope program, on LCI, the apostle of "made in France" criticized the choices made by the executive as part of its plan to revive the economy. 

Friday, November 13, on Europe 1 , Arnaud Montebourg attacked the way in which the authorities have reconfigured the country since October 30, with the closure of small businesses, an "arbitrary" decision by "all powerful senior officials" and of a government of "enarques" [he himself had, in his time, prepared for the ENA competition and failed the exam, Editor's note].  "Mr. Castex is an enarque, Mr. Macron is an enarque, Mr. Le Maire is an enarque, we are led by people who have a vision of society that is not the one we share, in any case me I don't share it.

 " What place in the political spectrum?

Chance - or not - wanted the media return of Arnaud Montebourg to be concomitant with the "proposal" of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, an old rival, for the presidential election. A fact that has not escaped the Insoumis leader and his lieutenants, who spare him. "I think it would be very good for us to team up," said LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens on November 9 on France Info. "We see it, he is right, the ideas of de-globalization, of producing in France, are ideas which extend, which we carry for a long time. [...] When I hear Arnaud Montebourg, the political space which 'it occupies is a space that we already occupy. "

For his part, Arnaud Montebourg has closed no door, but he called for "collective self-criticism" and criticized quite head-on "radicalities which scare the French" and a left which, "to avoid" the economic question, takes priority according to him, "invests in social issues that are not central"

Arnaud Montebourg however assured, on November 11 on BFMTV, that his subject "is not the left, the right" , but "France" . "We will have to unify the French, propose a reconstruction project ," he said. Another sign, if necessary, of a positioning "outside the party" typical of a pre-candidacy for a presidential election. 

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