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US election 2020 : Trump's fact-checking team denounces cases of fraud

US election 2020 : Trump's fact-checking team denounces cases of fraud

As President Donald Trump and his team continue their efforts to challenge the election result, what is the evidence for their claims?

At a press day conference on Thursday some of these issues were highlighted, chaired by the president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. We have examined these main allegations of fraud and irregularities.

 Claim 1: unexplained increase in Democratic votes

 President Trump and others are reporting allegations that votes in favor of rival Joe Biden suddenly appeared in large numbers during the count. At his Nov. 19 press conference, Giuliani reiterated that thousands of extra ballots were counted very early in the morning at a Detroit counting center.

President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani led some of the court challenges

 Mr. Giuliani's remarks are based on a statement by an election worker, who claims to have seen two vans intended to bring food, but says she "never saw food coming out of vans, and coincidentally he  Michigan was reported to have found more than 100,000 additional ballots - not even two hours after the last van left.

 However, that claim - and other claims - are dismissed in a November 13 judgment as the judge ruled they were not credible. There have been similar allegations from the Republican side of sudden spikes in pro-Democrat votes in key states, implicating possible fraud.

 But in some cases, this is attributed to write errors or the discovery of computer bugs, which were then fixed. It should also be said that the postal ballots, which were used in record numbers in this election, overwhelmingly favored the Democratic Party.

 They took longer to be counted, and the results were compiled and published in batches after election day, which explains the sudden surge in votes in favor of Mr Biden. And it's not true that all of the additional votes were in favor of Mr. Biden - some were in favor of President Trump as well.

 Allegation 2: Access to accounts blocked

 President Trump and his legal team are challenging the lack of access by Republican observers in some Democratic-run cities, such as Philadelphia and Detroit. Observers are persons authorized to enter polling stations to observe the counting of the ballots, in order to ensure transparency.

 They are allowed in most states as long as they are registered before election day and are usually party affiliated. In some places, their number has been limited, in part to limit reception capacity due to coronaviruses.

 But observers from both parties were allowed to observe the vote count in Detroit and Philadelphia. In Detroit, more than 130 observers representing Democrats and Republicans were allowed to enter the counting site.

 In Pennsylvania, the matter was taken to the State Supreme Court, which ruled on Nov. 17 that Philadelphia officials had not violated state law by limiting the distance between observers and the treatment of  postal ballots.

Counting at a polling station in Detroit, Michigan

 Claim 3: votes shifted from Trump to Biden

 President Trump's legal team is also repeating a claim by the president that there was a problem with the voting system used in some states that would have resulted in millions of his votes being passed to his rival Joe Biden. There is no evidence in this regard, and none has been provided by the President's legal team.

 The President echoes the accusations made by the conservative One American News Network (OANN) about Dominion voting machines, which were used extensively across the United States in this election.

 An OANN report refers to an "unverified analysis of the data" obtained from an election monitoring group called Edison Research, which allegedly showed millions of votes were returned.

 However, the president of the company, Larry Rosin, states that "Edison Research has produced no such report and we have no evidence of electoral fraud."

 Dominion Voting Systems issued a statement saying "The claims about Dominion changing or removing votes are 100% false."

 Claim 4: Voting machines are owned by Democrats

 President Trump relates that "national voting systems belonged to the radical left," his legal team pointing to ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton and other Democratic politicians.

 In a statement, Dominion Voting Systems explains that it is a non-partisan American company and has no ownership ties with the Clintons or with senior Democratic politician Nancy Pelosi.

Dominion software has been widely used in voting and counting machines

 It is important to clarify the difference between direct Dominion ownership, as claimed by President Trump, and donations made by the company for philanthropic or lobbying purposes.

 Dominion donates to both Republicans and Democrats, but it's not uncommon for a company like this to lobby for government contracts in this way.

 Dominion donated to the Clinton Foundation in 2014, but the company also donated to Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

 Rumors about President Pelosi stem from the fact that her former chief of staff, Nadeam Elshami, was hired by Dominion - but Dominion also hired staff previously associated with the Republican Party.

 Claim 5: thousands of dead voted

 President Trump and his supporters claim that ballots have been cast on a large scale for those who have died - with thousands of votes cast in key states.

 We looked at a list of 10,000 people in the state of Michigan who were said to have died but who voted - and we found that claim to be fundamentally wrong.

Roberto Garcia was on Michigan's "dead voters" list, but he told us, "I'm definitely alive and I definitely voted for Biden!"

 Investigations of other lists of "dead voters" have reached similar conclusions - with no evidence emerging that there was widespread fraud through ballot papers for deceased persons.

 Fox News host Tucker Carlson apologized after repeating the claims of Trump's campaign team and singled out a 'dead voter' in Georgia who was later found to be alive  .

 There have been cases in American elections where dead people have apparently voted, but the facts show that this problem is not very common.

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