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(trump accountability project) US Elections: "We are going to win this election," says Joe Biden, as the count continues

Three days after the ballot, the slow ballot count still keeps America and the world in suspense. But Joe Biden seems to be moving inexorably closer to the White House

Joe Biden abstained, during a speech delivered on the night of Friday 6 to Saturday 7 November, from formally claiming victory in the presidential election of the USAbut he left no doubt as to his certainties of being on the verge of defeating incumbent President Donald Trump.

Confidence and patience in the count

Dear Americans, we do not have a final victory announcement, but the numbers are showing."We will win these elections,'the democratic candidate said'.who believes he can win more. of 300 of the 538 electorate voters forming the electoral college - 270 are enough to open the doors of the White House.Mr. 

Biden underlined the progress of the count in his favor during the last twenty-four hours,recalling that he had since passed Donald Trump in the counting still underway in the key states of Pennsylvania and Georgia. He said he was going to win those two states. And more.“We are winning in Arizona. We are winning in Nevada, ” he added.

As the day before, he advocated being patient, even risking a touch of humor when talking about dripsResults that have declined since Tuesday and astonished or angered Americans. 'I know watching thisThe slow increase in the number of votes on TV can be horrific, ' he said, before resuming the presidential tune,

  Stop by some sputtering :

We must not forget that these charges are not just numbers, they are soundsmen and women

A unifying tone

A few hours before this intervention, Donald Trump had estimated, in a tweet, that Joe Biden should not claim victory in an “illegitimate” way . “I could claim it too. Legal proceedings are only just beginning! "Conversely, Mr. Biden chose, during his seven-minute speech, to pose as a unifier of an America whose divisions have appeared in broad daylight for several months, like this presidential election in which his rival multiplies accusations of fraud and remedies.

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"It is time to come together" to "put anger and demonization behind us," said former vice president Barack Obama, before calling for the unity of the nation."We cannot be enemies, we are all Americans."Also stressing the heavy toll of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States, with more than 235,000 dead,And he promised from the first day of his presidency that he would implement his action plan against the virus and limit its spread.“It won't be able to save the lives that have been lost, 

but it will save lives in the coming months,” he said. His running mate Kamala Harris stood by his side, masked, but did not give a speech like the day before.

Joe Biden said he hoped to be able to speak again on Saturday, as a date for a more official announcement. This will depend on the progress of the count in the five remaining states (excluding Alaska, since Mr. Trump should gain).The current deadlock in which no candidate is declared the winner is, however, not especially the fact that the provisional results are tight in several key states, but especially the refusal of Donald Trump to concede his defeat. The acceptance of the results is above all conditioned, historically, 

on the public recognition of the defeat by one of the two candidates, well before the last ballots are counted, recalls Corentin Sellin, columnist of American political life. However, Donald Trump categorically refuses to recognize his defeat, while he is led in four of the five remaining states, and persists in wanting to cast doubt on the sincerity of the vote without providing any evidence. In this context, it is risky for the American media, led by the Associated Press, to declare a winner, at the risk of being accused of participating in the "theft" of the election or of being wrong if, ultimately, 

Mr. Trump prevailed in one or more of these states.

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