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The Occitanie region sends aligot and cassoulet to Joe Biden

 The Occitanie region sends aligot and cassoulet to Joe Biden

La région Occitanie envoie de l'aligot et du cassoulet à Joe Biden

The president of the region, Carole Delga, hopes that the elected president will lift the surcharges put in place on certain products, explains “20 Minutes”. 

Of the congratulatory gifts received by Joe Biden since his victory, that of the Occitania region will surely be one of the most exotic. A pesto soup, a piece of aligot, Camargue salt and, above all, a cassoulet. As reported by 20 Minutes , the region shipped this Friday a basket filled with several wonders from the south of France straight to the United States for the president-elect, not without having an idea behind their head.

Because these delicate dishes will of course be accompanied by a letter which, in addition to the rigorous congratulations, develops a whole argument in favor of French regional products so that the future tenant of the White House thinks of going back on the surcharges decided by Donald Trump on some of them. 20 Minutes  recalls that, already, his predecessor at the head of the region, Martin Malvy , had sent Barack Obama a whole wheel of Roquefort.

Restoring "healthy business relationships"

'You know', 'your predecessor placed various European economic sectors in difficulty by unfair taxes', 'writes Carole Delga, making it difficult for American consumers to access certain products. Many are from my region'. I think of the wines - especially already favored by Thomas Jefferson, then ambassador to France in the XVIII th  century - our cheeses. "Thus, the president of the Occitanie region calls for the reestablishment of" healthy trade relations in the perspective of a global balance concerned with natural resources, the climate and the well-being of our fellow citizens ".

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