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joe biden acceptance speech: Joe Biden, officially democratic candidate against Trump

 Between hope and urgency to act, the candidate gave a speech engaged for the closing of his investiture.

Joe Biden waited until the last quarter of an hour of the convention to deliver his speech accepting his nomination as Democratic candidate.

In the most important speech of his political career, Joe Biden accepted his nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate for the United States.  He positioned himself as an enlightened unifier for the November 3 election.

 An America without a sane captain, petrified with fear and bruised in the midst of a pandemic and a candidate as providential as he is seasoned and empathetic.  So came Joe Biden at the close of the virtual convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

 The former vice president who spoke from his home town of Wilmington, Delaware, formally announced late in the evening that he agreed to be the Democratic presidential candidate, along with California Senator Kamala Harris  as running mate.  A powerful voice for this nation.  Its history is American history, emphasized Joe Biden to defend this complementary duo and poles apart from the American governance in place.

 The current president has plunged America into obscurity for too long.  Too much anger, too much fear, too much division.  Here and now, I give you my word: if you give me the presidency, I will call on the best of us, not the worst.  I will be the ally of the light, not of the darkness.  It is time for us - for us the people - to come together, said the Democratic candidate in a speech of about thirty minutes, anxious to rally voters of all stripes.

 It is the job of a president.  To represent all of us, not just our base or our party.  This is not a partisan moment.  It must be an American moment, he proclaimed.

Reforms needed

The former vice-president of Obama underlined the exceptional nature of this period when four historic crises unfold, all at the same time.  A perfect storm, and where the coronavirus pandemic, the fight against climate change, the economic crisis and racial justice movements are juxtaposed.

 Will we be the generation that will finally erase the stain of racism from our national history?  I think we are up to the task.  I think we're ready, he said, calling George Floyd's murder a possible breaking point.

Joe biden : << I will always defend our human rights and dignity>>
In this context of multiple tensions, he said that he will reform the health care and education systems by making them more affordable, and that he will work for better social equality, if elected.

 Winning for the workers who support this country, and not just for the privileged few at the top.  Winning for the communities that have experienced “knee-to-neck” injustice.  For all the young people who have only known an America where inequalities are growing and chances are dwindling, he said.

Joe Biden has promised to tackle the management of the pandemic first.  We can never get our economy back on track, we can never get our children back to school safely, we will never get our lives back, until we deal with this virus, he said.  to be worth.

 He mentioned the establishment of rapid tests with results available without waiting, but also the use of medical supplies made in the United States and the rehabilitation of the scientific discourse often discredited by Donald Trump.

 The figures have served as leverage to draw his criticism against the latter without however specifically naming him: five million Americans infected with COVID-19, more than 170,000 deaths linked to the virus, more than 50 million unemployment claims  and 10 million citizens who will lose their health insurance in the year, he listed.

Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate :
<<No rhetoric is necessary, it is enough to judge this president on the facts.>>

He bluntly attacked Donald Trump, accusing him of putting his own interests before those of the Americans.

What we know about this president is that if he's four years older, he'll be what he's been for the past four years, a president who takes no responsibility, refuses to lead, blames others,  draw closer to dictators and stoke the flames of hatred and division.

 Between fervor and cry of hope

 A laudatory portrait of Joe Biden presented as the savior of American democracy preceded his inauguration speech in an entirely virtual mode, leaving little room to chance except some disconnect between the interventions filmed.

 Give our country a chance to heal, said Andrew Yang, a former Democratic candidate who became a columnist for the CNN channel, before giving the floor to Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The actress engaged in fundraising events for the Democratic Party called on Americans to vote in a not devoid of sarcasm shortly after 9 p.m.  This call to the vote then became a rallying cry declined in turn by the guests in their short videos.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, host and actress :
<<If we all vote, there is nothing Facebook, Fox News, and Putin can do to stop us.>>

The group The Chicks as well as John Legend and the rapper Common musically punctuated the evening broadcast online on the site of the Democratic convention.

 Under the theme The Promise of America, the closing program of the four days of convention alternated interventions by militant guests, musical performances, tributes and family testimonies to lead, at 10:45 p.m., to the speech of Joe Biden, who  officially accepted his investiture, voted on Tuesday, on the second evening of the convention.

The evening described by our correspondents in Washington:

We protested for justice, we gathered in our streets to demand change.  And now we must pass on the gift that John Lewis sacrificed for us, we must register and we must vote, said Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta, presenting a tribute to John Lewis, iconic figure of the non-  violence and civil rights in the United States died on July 17.

 Donald Trump had also refused to greet his coffin, displayed at the top of the steps of Congress.

 Several have pointed out the humanity of Joe Biden off-camera, including the former US Surgeon General.  Dr Vivek Murthy also denounced Donald Trump's lack of leadership in

Joe Biden a été appuyé par ses anciens rivaux démocrates à l’investiture Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren et Andrew Yang. Ils se sont exprimés tour à tour en visioconférence.

Il a de l'empathie, il est honnête et raisonnable, tout ce dont le pays a besoin, a reconnu son ancien rival Bernie Sanders, avant de laisser la parole à Michael Bloomberg, l’ex-maire de New York, qui s'était retiré des primaires démocrates en mars.

Je ne vous demande pas de voter contre Trump parce c'est un mauvais gars, mais parce qu'il a fait du mauvais boulot, a lancé Michael Bloomberg.

Le soigneux dosage entre les intervenants selon leur sexe, leur âge et leur origine ethnique a visé à sceller l'unité au sein du parti. Pour se rapprocher de ses électeurs et casser son image de politicien de carrière, Joe Biden n'a pas hésité à mettre à l'honneur de vraies gens, conviant également un jeune bègue à s'exprimer, rappelant que le candidat démocrate a dû apprendre à surmonter son bégaiement.

During the final evening of the Democratic convention, Brayden Harrington shared his admiration for Joe Biden who overcame his stuttering.

Attacks on Trump
 A few hours before his highly anticipated speech, the future candidate set the tone for the evening by criticizing Donald Trump and his management of the pandemic on Twitter: Donald Trump is not responsible for COVID-19, but he is  fully in the failure of the national response.
 The US president did not wait for Joe Biden's inaugural address in the evening to denounce his rival throughout the day, at a rally in Pennsylvania and on his Twitter account.
 If you want to imagine life under a Biden presidency, imagine the smoldering ruins of Minneapolis, the violent anarchy of Portland, and the bloodstained sidewalks of Chicago in every city in America, he told the preamble to the  expected speech from Joe Biden.
 On his Twitter account, Donald Trump has multiplied the angles of attack, economic, patriotic and judicial, to destabilize his future opponent by multiplying the shock sentences.
Intended to unify the party around the person of Joe Biden, the meetings of the Democratic convention spoke a lot about Donald Trump.  During the four days scheduled, several renowned speakers sounded the alarm against him in the name of democracy.
 Kicking off the virtual rally, Michelle Obama denounced Monday the total lack of empathy of the current US president.  She was assisted on Wednesday by her husband, Barack Obama, who lamented the fact that Donald Trump does not take the position he occupies seriously.
 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in turn invited American citizens to vote in the November election to avoid a stormy and uncertain tomorrow.
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