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Exclusive interview with Barack Obama: Biden will restore confidence

Exclusive interview with Barack Obama: Biden will restore confidence

Many believe Trump's tale of electoral fraud

The USA is deeply divided: a large part of the population believes the story of incumbent President Donald Trump that the election is a fraud against the people and that Trump is the real winner.

But what does Trump's predecessor Barack Obama actually say about the current situation in the USA? In the midst of the debate about Trump's stubborn behavior these days, RTL chief presenter Peter Kloeppel interviewed the once most powerful man in the world - as the first German television journalist after the US election, together with the USA correspondent for Stern magazine.

Obama: 'Turning away from the facts makes finding compromises difficult',

During the conversation in Washington about his autobiography, Obama provided thoughtful and emotional insights into his life.

For Obama, the incumbent president has done a lot to divide the country. 'Trump claims there was electoral fraud on a large scale, although no one can find evidence of it,' said Obama, "but millions of people now believe in electoral fraud." That of course makes the search for political balance more difficult in the future:  "If there is such a turning away from facts, then it will be very difficult to find compromises."

That is why Obama is confident

Obama makes no secret of the fact that he thinks little of Trump and has always thought little. At the same time, he is confident that his former Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will succeed him.

'I think what Joe and Kamala have in common with me is their trust that young people have a voice that needs to be heard, that we want to encourage them to participate in our democracy'. The problem will take a long time to solve, that cannot be repaired by choice. 

But Obama wouldn't be Obama if he didn't believe in a positive phrase: "I think Joe will do his best".

Obama's full interview is available on Wednesday at rtl.de and ntv.de.

On Wednesday (November 18th) the full interview will appear in video on STERN Digital, www.stern.de.

You can read an editorially extended version of the interview from Thursday (November 19) in STERN (issue 48/20) and from today (November 17) online at STERN PLUS .

The new episode of the AUDIO NOW podcast "Inside America - The Battle for the White House" is also coming out today  , in which Jan Christoph Wiechmann talks about the impressions he brought back from the interview with Barack Obama. The entire Obama interview can also be heard from Wednesday, November 18, in a special episode of "Inside America"   on AUDIO NOW - uncut and in the original English version.

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