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Energy renovation: the "MaPrimeRénov" system is gaining momentum

Energy renovation: the "MaPrimeRénov" system is gaining momentum

Energy renovation: the "MaPrimeRénov" system is gaining momentum

State aid to carry out work intended to make housing less energy-intensive is now accessible to all households without income conditions. And demands are exploding.

While the bulk of the 100 billion euro recovery plan is to be deployed by 2021, several measures are already in force. And one of them works very well, welcomed the Ministry of the Economy on Monday: the premium for energy renovation.

Indeed, the device " MaPrimeRénov" explodes. 'The number of aid requests has doubled since the start of the year with 20,000 files filed in September', '30,000 in October and a total of 135,470 beneficiaries', 'note the services of Bercy'. These are 1,300 requests per day against 500 at the beginning of 2020. A budget of two billion euros is planned. 

"There is an increase in requests, also notes the business manager of" Little Worker Paris "Antoine Combastet. Before, we had only 2% of our customers who asked for the Renov Prime. Now extended to more affluent customers, they are 12% to request it . 'The vast majority take the opportunity to change the windows or the boiler'. 'I had the help of the State and the Renovation Premium'. Suddenly, I only paid for my boiler one euro. I would not have paid a 4,000 euro boiler otherwise" , admits Stéphanie Sablayrolles in front TF1 cameras.   

Expanded eligibility criteria

This growing enthusiasm can be explained by the strengthening of this measure, which replaced the energy transition tax credit (CITE) last January. Since October 1, the eligibility criteria for this bonus have been extended to all households without income conditions, when they have occupied their home as their main residence for more than two years, whether they are landlords or even lessors. co-owners. This increasing demand should generate 15 to 20,000 job creations from 2021. " Today, we are on almost 600,000 sites. And next year, we think that this figure will be doubled ", indicates Edouard Barthès, President of Symbiote, energy renovation union. 

Until now, it was only reserved for " very modest " and modest " households . The State could cover up to 90% of the cost of the work. For the more affluent households, on the other hand, this support does not will not exceed 40% Each household can now calculate the amount of assistance to which it is entitled. 

This work to green buildings, carried out with certified companies (RGE label), can include a variety of operations: insulation of the roof, attic and walls, change of gas, log or pellet boiler, but also installation of new windows and ventilation systems. The materials used are of better quality, more durable and therefore more respectful of the environment. 

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