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biden news : Diplomacy, Covid-19, economy ... These grenades pulled by Donald Trump

 Diplomacy, Covid-19, economy ... These grenades pulled by Donald Trump to hinder the transition with Joe Biden

By refusing to concede defeat, the Republican is blocking the president-elect and his team's access to millions of dollars in funds and crucial information. He also took a series of measures to complicate the task of his successor.

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On November 7, four days after the presidential election in the United States, the mainstream media in the country - regardless of their partisan orientation - announced the victory of the Democratic ticket carried by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris .

Since then, however, outgoing Donald Trump has refused to concede defeat, claiming that the ballot was tainted with fraud. And, as in a parallel reality, his ministers and his most loyal advisers ensure that the ground is prepared for "a second term" , although most experts agree that the protest procedures initiated have little chance. to succeed .

If politically, during the period of transition, the legitimacy of the president is undermined - we use the expression lame duck president ("president canard lame") -, he nevertheless retains the same powers as during its mandate and can therefore take advantage of the time remaining to adopt a series of measures. Leaders who have been beaten or who have reached the end of a second term generally refrain from doing so; which is not the case with the Republican, who already seems to have decided to complicate the task of his successor.

The presidential transition periods have always been subject to time constraints, recalls the NBC channel  : “In less than three months, the outgoing administration and career civil servants are trying to transmit years of information and know-how, from planning and working to the incoming administration, which is simultaneously identifying and hiring thousands of officials. "

“The transition is essentially about trying to make sure whoever the president is, he's ready to govern from day one,” argues Max Stier, president and CEO of the Public Service Partnership, a non-partisan organization that houses the Center for Presidential Transition.

In order for the latter to begin, the Head of the General Services Administration must formally recognize the new administration by signing a letter of "finding" - a process that has not been controversial since the passage of the Law on the presidential transition of 1963. This triggers the release of millions of dollars of funds and allows the incoming team to have access to current government officials. However, to date, Emily W. Murphy, who is at the head of this administration, has not yet recognized the victory of Joe Biden, recalls the New York Times .

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