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In the North, Jean Castex in support of wearing a mask to avoid "generalized reconfinement"

The Prime Minister was, this Monday, on the ground to realize the application of the wearing of the compulsory mask in certain public places outside. The number of patients in intensive care is on the rise.

The virus is not on vacation, and neither are we. 'This is the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, motivated his visit of several hours, Monday, August 3 in Lille, intended to make a point about the resurgence of the epidemic in the metropolis, where wearing the mask is now compulsory in certain open public places.
On Monday evening, health authorities announced that the number of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in intensive care has increased by 13 cases since Friday (for a total of 384), breaking the downward trend observed continuously since April. Twenty-nine deaths have been recorded in the past three days.

In Lille, the Prime Minister as well as that of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, and the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, began their visit around 9 am with a briefing on the situation at the regional health agency.'The dynamic is very worrying and it is absolutely [the] break' , said Dr. Patrick Goldstein, head of the emergency ambulance pole and North at the University Hospital of Lille.
Mr. Castex, who has increased the number of trips since his appointment on July 3, concluded his trip with a brief speech in Roubaix, calling "every Frenchwoman, every Frenchman, every person to remain very vigilant, because the fight against the virus depends, of course, on the State and local communities (…), but also on each and every one of us ”.
The head of government welcomed the growing adoption of the wearing of masks by residents:
“The objective is simple  : to protect us against this virus without bringing economic and social life to a halt, while avoiding the prospect of generalized re-containment. "
In the morning, Mr. Castex had first strolled in the city center of Lille. Apostrophed several times, he did not speak to any passer-by, preferring to speak with traders and police.

" We will win ! "

" We will get there ! It is everyone's business. We will win ! , launched Mr. Castex, during an exchange with police officers. It's in everyone's interest to do that, not to annoy them. And, at the same time, it will take a little firmness for those who refuse to understand. "
Since Monday, signs have indicated this obligation with a logo at the entrance to the streets concerned. In the pedestrian streets around the Grand-Place, several municipal police patrols also remind passers-by of the obligation to wear a mask.

In the streets of the city center, almost all passers-by wore a mask. At the Citadel, the city's main green space, however, we met cyclists and many joggers without the mask, despite the obligation.
Mr. Castex also went to the Institut Pasteur in Lille where a screening center “in drive and pedestrian mode” has been set up. Finally, he visited a mask-making workshop in Roubaix, the former capital of the textile industry. The factory, created in haste during the health crisis, is part of the Resilience network, which campaigns for the relocation of this activity in France and brings together SMEs and integration companies. It produces fabric masks in the shape of a duckbill, which can be washed twenty times.

A one month renewable decree

'The Prefect of the North, Michel Lalande, announced, Friday July 31, this obligation in certain public areas likely to accommodate concentrations of people, after the authorization given to the prefects to extend the wearing of the compulsory mask in "public places open'. This decision particularly concerns high-traffic areas such as pedestrian streets and “all urban green spaces” . "We are moving from insistent suggestion to mandatory imposition", said the prefect, who intends "to impose so as not to re-limit".

Valid for one month, the decree will be "renewable" and adjustable "according to the evolution of the epidemic" , both in terms of its "content" and "on a geographical level" , in a summer context that encourages gatherings outside.
In the Lille city, which has 95 regions with 1.2 million occupants, the specialists note a "stressing" movement of the plague: the occurrence rate has nearly multiplied in multi week, presently contacting 31 contaminated individuals for each 100 000 occupants. In the "heart of the city", this rate is even "around 40, significantly closer to the ready edge" , set at 50. 

Comparative choices in Nice or Orléans 

After Mayenne - where the veil must be worn in broad daylight places in 69 regions - Perros-Guirec, Saint-Malo, Biarritz or even Orléans, other comparative choices could be taken locally by the regents "contingent upon improvements of the pestilence in every region, " said the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, on Friday.

Since Monday, wearing a mask is also mandatory in many streets of Nice, especially the busiest by the sea, announced the same day the mayor of the city, Christian Estrosi. Until further notice, the mask will be compulsory from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. and violators are liable to a fine of 35 euros.
Mr. Estrosi hopes that the prefect takes an order in the same direction, which would bring the fine to 135 euros. The city of Nice has installed loudspeakers since Thursday to remind everyone every half hour "of the need to respect barrier gestures" .

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