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New aid for culture and the media

La chute de chiffre d’affaires du secteur culturel liée à la crise sanitaire est évaluée à 22,3 milliards d’euros par rapport à 2019, ce qui constitue une dégringolade de 25 %.

While rumors of a cabinet reshuffle are becoming more and more pressing, Franck Riester, Minister of Culture and Communication, hurried, Wednesday July 1, to announce the plan of financial aid intended to respond to the consequences devastating Covid-19 in the cultural sector.

A document from the Department of Studies, Foresight and Statistics (DEPS) of rue de Valois measures for the first time the extent of the damage. The drop in turnover linked to the health crisis is estimated at 22.3 billion euros compared to 2019, which represents a plunge of 25%. Of all the areas under the microscope, performing arts, but also museums, tourist sites, art galleries and the plastic arts suffered the most. Only the video game is spared.

A significant windfall

While the government does not make up for the entire shortfall, it does provide significant windfall for culture. Promised by Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday, May 6, the famous "white year", which aims to preserve the rights of intermittent show workers until August 31, 2021, will be funded to the tune of 950 million euros.

In addition, the third amending finance bill for 2020 (PLFR3), currently under consideration in the National Assembly, will inject 1.06 billion euros of oxygen into the sector. Of this total, a system of exemptions from social security contributions will count for 400 million euros. It concerns both artist-authors and cultural enterprises who cannot pay their property contributions. The PLFR3 also provides 445 million new credits, 75 million "thaw" of credits and 140 million tax expenditures.

Compensation fund for filming

These funds will, for example, provide strong support, of 50 million euros, to the brand new National Music Center. An equivalent sum will contribute to the compensation fund for film and audiovisual shoots, while 20 million will be contributed to the "Cape on culture, learning and cultural summer". The same amount will finance the "Cultural Summer" operation. Heritage, books, the press and the media are not forgotten.

In total, since March, "the government has mobilized more than 5 billion euros" to help culture and the media, the ministry said. Already, 2.9 billion had been released through support mechanisms put in place by the government (partial activity, solidarity funds, loans guaranteed by the State and exemptions from charges). This aid will continue to fully benefit the most affected sectors of culture and access to the solidarity fund has been widened and extended until December 31, says Rue de Valois.

Already 120 million euros of emergency measures had been released from the first weeks of confinement, including 97 million euros of loans granted between March and May by the Institute for the financing of cinema and cultural industries (Ifcic) to structures in difficulty. Ifcic still has 100 million to support them.

By sector, the resources mobilized by the State differ. They amounted to 706 million for live performance and recorded music, 391 million for the visual arts, 525 million for heritage and architecture, 217 million for the book chain and 320 million for the cinema. The media and communication benefit from 985 million, while the press, weighed down by the recovery of Presstalis, is helped to the tune of 666 million.
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