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Motorcycle insurance: what are the essential accessories for motorcycle riding?

Traveling by motorcycle has many advantages and it can be a real pleasure if you are passionate about this mode of transport. However, when it comes to road safety, the motorcycle does not offer the same level of passive protection as a car: seat belt, airbag or headrest. For this reason, wearing appropriate safety equipment when riding a two-wheeler is essential to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident or a fall.

Motorcycle insurance: what guarantee for motorcycle equipment?

In France, putting on an approved helmet on a motorcycle has become an obligation since 1973, whether for the pilot or for the passenger. In addition to this essential motorcycle equipment, wearing CE certified motorcycle gloves has also become mandatory since January 2016. In addition, although it is not mandatory to wear it to ride a motorcycle on the roads, wearing a fluorescent vest is required in an emergency.

Since motorcycle insurance is essential for driving a two-wheeler on public roads, having the right motorcycle equipment and accessories (helmet, gloves, pants, boots, jacket and airbag vest) is very important in reducing injuries, fractures and burns of the skin in case of unforeseen events. In the same spirit, it should be noted that it is also possible to include a motorcycle equipment guarantee in your motorcycle insurance contract.

With a motorcycle equipment guarantee, your motorcycle insurance allows you to benefit from adequate cover in the event of theft or accident for your gloves, helmet, jacket, pants and boots. Most insurers lay down more or less strict conditions in order to benefit from the equipment guarantee. In this sense, some insurance companies only guarantee accessories certified NF (French certification) or CE (European certification).

Motorcycle safety levels established in France

      According to established standards, the use of motorcycle equipment and accessories can be classified into four levels:
      • Level 1: in addition to the helmet and gloves approved as compulsory, riders who use their motorcycle occasionally, must wear a motorcycle jacket with appropriate protections.
      • Level 2: for regular drivers, motorcycle boots must be added in addition to the equipment recommende for  the first level.
      • Level 3: bikers who actively drive must wear pants with adequate protection.
      • Level 4: bikers of this rank drive their motorbike intensively, the level of protection includes the use of airbags.

      Wearing approved motorcycle equipment provides double protection in the event of a fall or accident. Driving a motorcycle with an unlicensed helmet exposes you to two risks. The first and most serious is the possibility of suffering more serious injuries. The second risk is that your motorcycle insurance is entitled to advance the non-compliance of the helmet to lower the amount of compensation.

      Protection factors for motorcycle accessories

      Comparing the levels with data from the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM), a denim or nylon jacket has a protection factor of 69%, while a motorcycle jacket reaches 92%. For foot protection, sneakers have a protection factor of 46%, while motorcycle boots (recommended at level 2) reach 93%. As for the pants recommended for level 3, the models designed for bikers have a protection factor of 96%, against 65% of normal pants.

      Finally, it is important to talk about jackets that include an airbag (recommended at level 4) to protect motorcycle riders. In addition, airbag vests are also available on the market. As with all the motorcycle accessories and equipment mentioned, it is possible to find products for all budgets.

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